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If you Want to buy fine spirits online, is the place for you!
We’ve got a broad selection of Scotch malt whisky, bourbon and whiskies from all around the world. You’ll find a variety of whisky from big names in the whisky industry, to small unknown artisan whisky distilleries.

At our online shop we don't only sell whisky, we've got a broad variete in rum, cognac, tequila, vodka wines and many other spirits.
Visit our special "Dutch Spirits" department where we offer a unique broad range of typical Dutch distilled products.

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Schelvispekelby Van ToorOn Wednesday, October 28th we visited an unusual artisan Vlaardings company. Since last year, there is great international attention, thanks to the travel program Booze Travel.Read more...

7 TIP FOR WHISKY & FOODAs appreciation of single malt Scotch whisky continues to grow around the globe, people are starting to enjoy it in more exciting and diverse ways. Of course there’s no one correct way to consume single malt Scotch whisky - it all depends on personal preference - but consuming it with food opens up a world of aroma and flavour opportunitiesRead more...

satisfied from the potstill festivalWe are delighted to give you a review of our findings at the Pott Still Festival last weekend with the annual release of no less than 7 limited editions.... Did you taste them as well, share your own review with us! Did n't have time this year? See our adventures.......;Read more...

7 ANEKDOTES OVER SINGLE MALT WHISKY.Besides wine, champagne and cognac, whisky is a very popular drink, which unlike other drinks strongly appeals to the imagination .....dreaming, tasting, enjoying .... and the class and atmosphere which surrounds this beautiful drink, appeals to many men and woman.;Read more...

what is whiskySimply put it is a stronger liquor, distilled from grains and matured in oak casks for a number of years before being bottled. The base ingredients are grain, water and yeast but this only gives us part of the picture. One has also has to look at the country of origin and the type of whisky;Read more...
Look what we found!

whisky minatuur kado giftIn a little French liquor store we started talking to the owner, he had a batch of lovely miniatures for a very good price...... But how to take it home when you are already fully packed with camping gear? Sorry kids, we have to leave the rubber boat behind..... ;Superdeal miniatures!
Lagavulin Virtual Distillery tour| Watch the tour from your lazy chair!

lagavulin virtual tourTWhisky fans will aso be able to enjoy a dram of their favourite whisky whilst virtually exploring the Lagavulin distillery, from the comfort of their own homes.
Take the tour here

Benriach distilleryThe BenRiach Distillery Company was named Global Whisky Distiller of the Year at the 2015 World Whiskies Awards, held at the Waldorf Hotel in London ont the 19 th of march........... Read more...
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